"Sell your used clothes effortlessly"
Hassle-free selling
Done for you by a Pro
Sell many items at once
Relax & earn
Put your items in a box
Easily list your clothes,
shoes & handbags in bulk
Partner with a Pro
Pick your favorite Pro and send your items to them
The Pro sells, you earn
Pros photograph, list, negotiate and sell your items for you. You just get paid.
Eulah Heller, 03/10/2020
Decluttering just got real!!
I have been postponing decluttering my closet for years, Flyp makes it sooo easy!! The Pro Sellers on the app are great and very communicative, I have unloaded more than 2 lots of 24 items and I am already getting paid :) Highly recommended
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"Declutter & earn without doing any of the work"
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