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Authentication Policy

While Flyp runs a basic authenticity review of items posted by clients, Pro Sellers are still expected to ensure the authenticity of the items received to avoid any disputes and returns on selling platforms.

Here are some ways Pro Sellers are authenticating their items:

  • Research: In many cases, you will be able to authenticate an item by looking up examples of it online and comparing it. You can also often run serial code and model number checks.

  • Authentication services: When you're in doubt regarding a particular item, one of the safest bets is to use a photo-based online authentication service like Real Authentication or Pro Authenticators.

  • Community: One other way to authenticate an item is to leverage the expertise of other resellers. You can post photos of the item you're trying to authenticate on forums or Facebook groups with other resellers to get their input and assessment of the authenticity of the subject item.

  • Mercari: One interesting way that we have seen Pro Sellers authenticate items is by posting on Mercari and using their photo-based authentication service provided by Real Authentication. This is another way to ensure authenticity as well.

You're always protected

In the case you deem one or more items to be inauthentic, Flyp will cover the costs to return the items to their owner. Kindly let your client know about the issue and reach out to to get a free return label.

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