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How Instant Buyouts work

What are Instant Buyouts?

In addition to consignment applications, Pro Sellers on Flyp may offer to buy out your items outright. This means that instead of selling it for you on commission over 90 days, they will pay you for it upfront, and then they assume the risk of selling it on their own. Instant buyouts tend to pay slightly less than consignment, but they offer a quick and guaranteed payout.

When will I get paid?

Getting paid with instant buyouts on Flyp is 100% guaranteed and secured. Whenever you accept an instant buyout offer, Flyp withdraws the sale amount from the buyer's account and holds it safely in escrow. Once the items arrive to the buyer in the conditions described, your funds will be released for you to withdraw. The buyer has 3 days to confirm receiving your items before the funds are released to you automatically.

Make sure you send items that match the condition you described, and make sure no items are missing. Damaged items or missing items will results in partial refunds or returns.

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