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Why are my chances of winning this lot low?

We want to help you identify the lots you're likely to win, and help you save time by avoiding applying to lots that will likely be matched with another Pro. If you're seeing this notice, it means that there are several applications on this lot with a higher score and hence more likely to be matched with this lot. This generally occurs on lots with higher competition, or for new Pro Sellers who are more likely to win low or medium competition lots.

But I really want this lot...
We totally get it, and we want you to win more and better lots too! The best way to achieve that is to increase your performance scores to be prioritized in matching. We wrote you two amazing articles to help you do just that, wether you're a new Pro Seller or an existing one, be sure to check these two pages:

What can I do in the meantime?
We recommend that you apply to lots with slightly lower competition. Start there and make some sales on those lots, your stats will improve, and so will your chances of winning more and better lots.

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