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How you're matched with the right Pro

How Matching works:

When you submit a lot, Flyp promotes it to hundreds of resellers, and out of those who show interest in your lot, Flyp will automatically find you the Pro Seller with the highest success rate and best customer satisfaction.

✔️No time spent comparing different Pros

✔️Get matched in under 24 hours

✔️Get the highest success rate and earn more

How is the best Pro determined for your lot:

Out of the Pros who show interest in your lot, you get matched with the highest performing one. Here are some of the factors that determine the best match: 

🏆 Sold Ratio: The system scans Pros and picks the ones with the highest rate of successfully sold items. 

💸 Commission: When matching, we try to find the most competitive commission available for your lot. 

🎯 Price accuracy: The matching system picks Pros who have historically delivered on their price estimates. 

📩 Responsiveness: You will be matched with Pros who have the high responsiveness rate. 

📈 Track record: The algorithm also consider how many items as Pro has sold via Flyp and on their online marketplaces to find the ones with the most solid track record for you.
Ratings: You'll be matched with the Pros that have the highest ratings left by previous clients.

Can I trust the Pro I was matched with?

Absolutely! Keep in mind that all Flyp Pro Sellers are covered by our Flyp Protection Policy. We have a selective screening system in place to guarantee the best of the best. All Flyp sellers go through a screening process and are carefully reviewed by our team to guarantee a high level of reliability and expertise. However, if, for any reason, you wish to be matched with another Pro, you can easily do so directly from the lot page in the app.

I worked with a Pro that I really like, can I work with them on my next lots?

Of course, we realize that you may want to continue working with an existing Pro Seller. Whenever your lot is approved you will find a "Invite existing Pro" button on your lot page. Tap it to invite existing pros. They will be invited to apply and will be prioritized to be matched.

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