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Our mission
Powering the reseller revolution ✊
"Flyp Is Powering Hundreds Of Female-Owned Businesses"
"Flyp gives the secondhand industry a new meaning"
  • Our lives are full of stuff we accumulated over years.
  • Most of this stuff can be given a second life after use, and can pay back a decent portion of its original value.
  • Yet, few of us have the time and the expertise it takes to deal with re-selling our belongings.
  • On the other hand, there are independent resellers who've been reselling used goods for years as a side hustle or for a living.
  • Flyp bridges the gap and allows busy people to cash out on the things they no longer need, while empowering independent entrepreneurs to grow their resale businesses.
  • The result is a sustainable cycle where your items get a second life, you get paid for it, and the Pro Seller makes a living off of it.
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