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How Instant Buyouts work for Pros

What are Instant Buyouts?

In addition to consignment applications, you can submit offers to buy lots outright. This option is ideal for resellers who wish to source and sell on their own instead of doing consignment. While this option requires an upfront investment in comparison with consignment, it may offer you more freedom in selling and potentially higher profit margins.

Buyout Protection Policy 

You're always 100% protected when making a buyout offer to purchase a lot from a client on Flyp. When your lot is delivered, you have 3 days to either accept the lot you received or to request partial or full refund from the client in case of damaged items. The entire process can be completed in the app.

If one or more of the items received is damaged, missing or inauthentic, tap on the button that says "Issue with one or more items", then initiate a refund request for the items in subject. Your client will review the request, and once approved, they will either chose to have the damaged items returned or will ask you to discard of them. You will then be issue the refund amount requested.

In the case that the client doesn't approve your request, you will be able to return the entire lot for a full refund.

We always recommend communicating with your client in case of an issue to arrive to a resolution. If you ever need extra help, you can reach us at .

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