Pro Tips (Dos & Don'ts)

Do: Price items to sell fast

Below are some lessons we learned from the most successful Pros on Flyp.

Clients love to see fast sales. Fast sales also mean less work on your side with re-listing and resharing. We always recommend you price items at the price you think they will actually sell for and not much higher.

Don't: Price items too high

Pricing higher than the market might seem like a good strategy to maximize profits at first. And while price dropping is a solid strategy, one of the most common pitfalls are to not list items at a sellable price initially. We often find that instead of maximizing pofits, it ends up wasting weeks of your time and the clients' time. Always price to sell.

Do: Communicate with your clients

Clients can be very understanding and helpful. Don't hesitate to share with them your selling strategy or ask about their preference, or let them know if prices need to be dropped.

Don't: Procrastinate listing

Oh, that death pile. We've all been there. Don't let it beat you down, list, list, list! Always optimize for fast turnarounds, try to get the listings up and running as soon as you can to start making sales.

Do: Price drop + Offer to likers

You can't go wrong with these two. Don't be afraid to price drop and send offers to likers, we have found that these tend to make a huge portion of sales made on selling apps.

Don't: Put all your eggs in one basket

The best Pro Sellers on Flyp cross-list their inventory on several marketplaces. We at least recommend posing on Poshmark and Mercari. If you need help with cross-listing, we recommend you check List Perfectly and Vendoo.