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Storage & Returns Guidelines

Storage Guidelines:

Pro Sellers are responsible for securely storing their client’s items during the selling period. Practicing good storage habits from the beginning will set you up for great buyer reviews and happy clients. It will also make the returns process more manageable.


Proper storing of items prevents issues like:


  • Odors from smoke, cooking grease, cleaning chemicals, pet, and musty or damp smells 

  • Dirt from makeup, dust, pet dander/hair, lint, grease, soil, grass

  • Damage caused by pets, household members or guests, water/moisture, creasing from improperly size storage bins, and removal of tags 

  • Lost accessories, including zipper pulls, buttons, keychains, additional straps, dust bags, and retail packaging

Return Shipping Guidelines:

All of your Clients' items must be returned in their original condition. Items that are damaged or lost during storage or shipment are the Pro Seller’s responsibility. 


Best practices for packing return shipments:


  • Clothing items are individually folded and wrapped in tissue or packing paper

  • Handbags, shoes, and accessories are packed in their original boxes or dust bags and/or wrapped in bubble wrap or foam packing sheets

  • Boxes are appropriately sized to prevent crushing or excessive movement during shipping, packing paper is used to fill any voids

  • Shipping boxes are sturdy, clean, and free of odors

  • All box seams are secured with packing tape

  • For large and high-value lots: Shipments should be taken to the shipping provider and scanned in at the counter

  • For large and high-value lots: We recommend taking a packing photo or video that shows the full contents of the package, sellers are responsible for any missing items

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