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How to win more lots

→ If you're a new Pro Seller:

The matching system on Flyp is designed to reward the best performing Pros with more lots (more on that in the second section below). But it is also designed to help new Pros land their first few lots in order to prove themselves and grow. For new Pros, we recommend applying to lots with less competition initially. Once you have your first few lots, start selling and delivering results to boost your stats and start winning more and better lots. This will require a bit of patience at first, but it will always pay off.


Here's the ideal method to win your first few lots as a new Pro on Flyp:

  • Activate Boost Mode in the sourcing tab, this will drastically increase your chances of matching by applying to all lots at once.

  • If you don't use Boost mode, apply to 15-20 lots per day for a week (this will take no more than 5-10 minutes per day)

  • As attractive as it may be, avoid applying to the high competition lots, leave these till you build up your track record on Flyp

  • Diversify the applications you make between light competition lots and medium competition lots (Apply to 10 lots lots with less than 3 applications on them, and apply to another 10 on lots with less than 7 applications on them)

  • You can use the sorting feature to sort lots by lowest competition

  • Most important tip: Don't give up! The first lot is the hardest, and it all starts accelerating from there. Most resellers spend a few days to win their first lot, and they're now easily pulling in hundreds of items per month.

→ If you're a Pro Seller with some track record on Flyp:

The better your performance and results with clients on Flyp, the more often you’ll be matched and the better the lots you will win. Here are the key factors that go into matching:

🏆 Sold ratio: Aim to sell most of the items you get in a timely manner. Your sold ratio is the biggest factor in matching.

💸 Commission: Set reasonable commissions. More attractive lots may require more competitive commissions.

🎯 Price estimates accuracy: Provide reasonable price estimates that you can deliver on. No estimates are perfect, after all, they are estimates. But estimates accuracy plays an important part of your stats.

📩 Responsiveness rate: Respond to clients in a timely manner, and keep a high response rate.

🕑 Timely payments: Make payments within reasonable timeframes and avoid failed payments.

⭐️ Ratings: Flyp collects ratings privately from your clients, the better ratings increase your matching chances.

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