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Sell your clothes with a Pro 🤝💸
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Hassle-free selling
Done for you by a Pro
Sell many items at once
Relax & earn
Flyp: Sell Your Clothes
Put your items in a box
Easily list your clothes,
shoes & handbags in bulk
Flyp Pro Sellers
Match with a Pro
Match with a vetted Pro and send your items to them
The Pro sells, you earn
Pros photograph, list, negotiate and sell your items for you. You just get paid.
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Eulah Heller, 03/10/2020
Decluttering just got real!!
I have been postponing decluttering my closet for years, Flyp makes it sooo easy!! The Pro Sellers on the app are great and very communicative, I have unloaded more than 2 lots of 24 items and I am already getting paid :) Highly recommended
#Flyp trending on Youtube
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"Declutter & earn without doing any of the work"
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