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Pro Seller Guidelines

Our team has put together a list of tips and guidelines to help you succeed as a Pro Seller on Flyp, check it out:


1. Understand your responsibilities

When you sell for a client on Flyp, you are responsible to keep their items in the same condition received and to ensure their safety. Pro Sellers are liable for any received items that are lost or damaged during consignment, so make sure to store your inventory correctly and keep track of each client's belongings.

Check the Storage & Returns Shipping Guidelines.

2. Understand how Matching works

If you want to win more lots and better lots, you need to understand how to make the matching system work for you. We explain all about it on this page.

3. Apply only to lots you can sell

While it may be attractive to apply to many lots, make sure to only apply to ones you're very confident of selling. When you apply to a lot, you're committing to sell all of it and avoid returns of any unsold items. While Flyp covers the cost of returning unsold items after 90 days, a high rate of return may cause limitations and restrictions on Pro Seller accounts.

4. Understand the commission structure

Make sure your commission accounts for any selling fees you may incur on selling marketplaces. We have a detailed page explaining how to go about setting your commission, check it out here.


5. Provide estimates that you're confident of

It is not possible to accurately tell the exact amount that a lot will sell for and the exact timeline within which it will sell. That being said, only apply with estimations that you're confident of, and keep in mind: It's always better to underpromise and overdeliver than overpromise and underdeliver. If a client asks you to increase your estimations beyond what you're comfortable with, kindly decline and stick to estimates you can deliver on. Learn more about how to price lots.

6. Familiarize yourself with Flyp's policies

Flyp has several policies in place to protect both Pro Sellers and Clients. Familiarize yourself with some of those policies:

• Unsold Items Policy

• Damaged Goods Policy

• Authentication Policy

7. List items promptly 

Oh, that death pile. We've all been there. Don't let it beat you down, list, list, list! Always optimize for fast turnarounds, try to get the listings up and running as soon as you can to start making sales.

8. Aim for fast sales

Clients love to see fast sales. Fast sales also mean less work on your side with re-listing and resharing. We always recommend you price items at the price you think they will actually sell for and not much higher.

9. Communication is key

Being nice will always play in your favor. Providing clients with good service by being understanding and communicative can go a long way in saving you the trouble of dealing with unhappy clients and will increase your repeat clients. Clients can be very understanding and supportive. Don't hesitate to share with them any concerns, tell them about your selling strategy, ask about their preference, or let them know if prices need to be dropped.

10. Be assertive

When dealing with clients on Flyp, be confident and assertive. If you submit an estimate, stand behind it, if you promise a $ number, try to secure it. Asking clients how much they want to make on each item causes confusion and more work on the client's side. Clients want to trust you to handle everything, you're the Pro. So act in the best interest of your client without having to frequently request input from them.

11. Write a good Bio/About text

Your "About" section on your seller profile is very important. It will play a big role in wether clients decide to partner with you or skip the match. Make sure to introduce yourself, share your reselling experience, expertise, track record and sales, and why you'd be a great Pro Seller to work with.

12. Keep it on Flyp

In order to keep you and your clients protected, we require that all communication and payments take place on Flyp. Taking the conversation outside Flyp will cause the loss or any protection guarantees and return policies and may cause account restrictions.

13. Reach out when you need help

You're never alone on Flyp, our team has your back. If you ever run into a problem or if you need any help with anything at all, you can reach out to us directly through and we'll do our best to get back to you within 24 hours to help you out.

14. Join the Pro Sellers group

Join the invite-only Facebook group today to learn what’s working from other Pro Sellers, ask questions, and share your input on upcoming product features before they’re released. Join today and be part of the conversation.

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